is a software package designed for the preparation of serial photos for exposure or print using practically any device. It was created on the base of years of experience gained in software development for digital minilabs, made in digital CONTACT PRINTINGTM technology. Its features, power and speed was already appreciated by hundreds of users in Europe and worldwide.

Depending on your needs, select one of four packages available:

Make use of Your printer's capabilities...   Build your own dry minilab...
The package is designed for users of single printer, expecting the best quality output and speed comparable to digital minilab. The package allows to create your own dry minlab from any combination of the printers installed in the laboratory.
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Prepare and send to print...   Increase the performance of your minilab...
General-purpose software package allows to prepare the photos for exposure or print using InterLab System software. Photos are ready for sending to the device inside or outside the laboratory. The software package designed especially to increase capacity and comfort of work with the Fuji Frontier digital minilabs.
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